I’m so happy you are here!

There is a wonder woman in each of us.

Welcome to Everyday Leadership!

For the past 20 years, I have worked at Gateway Public Schools in San Francisco: first as a teacher, then as a principal and now as executive director. Sometimes when I tell people I work in a school, they look at me with horror in their eyes. Or with pity. Sometimes they call me a saint. More often than not, they underestimate the complexity of my work and its importance. When my students find out where I went to college, they say, “You went to Harvard and became a teacher? Why???” Easy answer: being a teacher is a reflection of everything I value, a true test of character and creativity, and a daily act of leadership.

We need an explosion of positive leadership now more than ever. I founded Everyday Leadership to encourage each and every one of us to believe in and embrace our inner power.  There is crucial work to do to create a kinder and more just and sustainable world. This will never happen if we leave it solely to politicians and CEOs. Here’s the good news: leadership is not dependent on a fancy title or position of authority. We can each step up ourselves to provide the leadership we seek.

We need leaders who represent the diversity of our communities, who draw upon a myriad of cultural and life experiences, and who think in a variety of ways. We need a lot more female leaders. And, we need the next generation – today’s students – to lead the way. In other words, we need you!

And, that is why I am so happy you are here.

  • Everyday Leadership is for anyone who wants to find their inner wonder woman.
  • Everyday Leadership is for anyone who wants to make a positive difference in the world.
  • Everyday Leadership is for anyone who is looking for a good dose of optimism, positivity or humor.
  • Everyday Leadership is for anyone who wants confirmation that small acts of goodness and intentional moments of courage matter.
  • Everyday Leadership is for anyone who wants concrete tools and strategies for stepping up as a leader or role model.
  • Everyday Leadership is for anyone who believes in the importance of diversity, elevating multiple perspectives, and changing the power structure.
  • Everyday Leadership is for anyone who loves me, learning, or young people.

Thank you for joining me on this process of discovering, cultivating and exercising everyday leadership. Now let’s get to work.