Last First Day

Today is my 44th first day of school. It is also my last.  I love the awkward energy of the first day of school. Some students show up excited and eager, while others hold back out of shyness or nerves. There are hugs and groans and faces hidden under masks and phones. After summer away […]

Double Down

Last week I shared with the Gateway Public Schools community that next school year will be my last as executive director. For the past twenty-two years, Gateway has been my home, my family and my proudest endeavor. However, I realize that it is time for me to shift priorities in order to spend more time […]

Rabbit Rabbit

I have always relished the optimism of beginning a new month. As I turn the page on the calendar, I love the opportunity to take stock and start afresh. It’s as if all the month’s shortcomings and regrets are wiped clean and anything is possible. Birthdays, new years, and the start of each academic year […]

The Little Things

After nearly a year and a half, we did it! School is back in session.  Gateway has been my home and my family for more than twenty years. And yet, during the eighteen months of distance learning, I rarely even set foot in our buildings, let alone felt the power and purpose of our schools.  […]

The Words We Need

During the pandemic, Nancy and I watched our fair share of television. Not gonna lie – when shelter in place first started, we sank low and watched The Tiger King. Since then, we have wound our way through British and Australian crime dramas, all of Schitt’s Creek, and everything from The Queen’s Gambit to Sex […]

Back At It!

Depleted. Full of self-doubt. Even with the pandemic seeming to turn a corner in California, I ended the school year burned out. I declared in January that my goal for the year is to “roll into 50 (on September 2nd) like a badass,” but in June my confidence was shaken.  After launching Everyday Leadership last […]

Leading With Heart

Last month I participated in a workshop called Own Your Voice, led by one of my heroes, Grace Kraaijvanger, founder of The Hivery. Grace’s goal was to help “entrepreneurs, writers, creatives and seekers describe their work, wisdom, and talent with confidence.” In the workshop, Grace shared nine pillars for owning your voice. Here is a […]


My first paid job after I graduated from college was almost working at Barnes and Noble. I had been “interning” (a fancy word for volunteering) for several months for both the Superintendent of Alameda Unified School District and for Senator Feinstein, and I needed a paycheck. The holiday season was approaching and Barnes and Noble […]

Black Excellence Is…

Recently, I interviewed a group of twelfth grade students for an article on Black Excellence in Gateway’s quarterly newsletter, The Gate. I was completely blown away by the wisdom and maturity of the students. Somehow, they already understand such an important truth: our greatest power and impact comes from being our true selves. Everyday Leadership […]


February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day, and I think it’s fair to say we are all a little starved for it. In this time of increased tension and social mistrust, kindness is more important than ever, and it is an essential part of everyday leadership. Treating people with kindness is a way of […]


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