Our Kids Deserve Better

Last night, Gateway Middle held its virtual promotion ceremony via Zoom. It was touching and personal and reflected Gateway’s core values of respect and community. But it was also not what any student dreamed of or had worked so hard to achieve.

At the same time, protesters in Washington, D.C. were being tear gased and shot with rubber bullets so 45 could stage a photo op. Hiding behind iconic backdrops of democracy and faith, he threatened to use the military against our own citizens and demonstrated absolutely no empathy or understanding about what Black people in America and their allies are experiencing.

As the promotion ceremony concluded and Pomp and Circumstance played, tears rolled down my face. Yes, I admit, even after 25 years as an educator, Pomp and Circumstance still affects me each time I hear it. It is a symbol of achievement, celebration and hope for the future. But this year, my tears were different. I just kept thinking, our kids deserve better. Our kids deserve better.

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