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Sometimes you have to appreciate the playful, yet powerful approach of youth. 

With permission, I am sharing a note I received from one of my advisees at Gateway High School. Gemma is starting her senior year. 

Here’s what I love:

  • No wallowing in what she’s missing out on senior year.
  • No hesitation about enlisting help and naming her team.
  • Just a whole lot of verve, positivity, and gratitude.
Hello you amazing people!

Today is possibly one of the best days of your life, so take a seat and listen up because you all have just become a part of Gemma’s super swagalicious 2020 College Support Team!!!

Congratulations folks! Many people signed up for this opportunity but as you guessed, only the best have been selected. So thank you for joining the team and no - you can’t get out of this!

Just to clarify, I have chosen you all as my top tier adults that will help support me as I embark on my journey to apply for college! So let me now introduce the best of the best…

Starting with my day one supporter out there, she had to birth me so it’s only right that she’s part of this team- my mom!!

Then we have the numero uno Spanish teacher, who thanks to her I passed AP Spanish- Maestra Buckley!! 

Next up only the coolest math teacher ever, don’t get confused he's a teacher during the day. DJ at night that’s right- Mr.Bass!! 

We aren’t done yet, let me introduce you to the best Advisor ever. Bringing heat to the soccer field while repping Orange House- Ms.Olken!

Last but definitely not least another Orange House member, you should see this one as she teaches seniors all about CSU’s and UC’s. That’s right you guessed it - Ms.Marx!!

Round of applause to the best College Support Team ever!!! Thank you for joining this team and you will be hearing from me as I move ahead with my applications!

All hands in and on 3;

Thank you again and peace out,

I love this born leader!


  1. Gemma’s letter brought tears to my eyes and demonstrated clearly that the future is in good hands

    • Gemma!!!! So glad you saw the post, and I hope you see all the amazing comments people are making about you. I couldn’t agree more with every sentiment! xoxo

  2. Wow, this sooooo warms my heart and gives me hope we have leaders like Gemma in our world. Thank you for the share!

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