This is Why

Street Art, East Village NYC

Though I am still figuring out exactly where Everyday Leadership will lead, I know my why.

I am driven to step up as a visible model of positive leadership and help others cultivate their power and voice.

What does that look like in the world and on this website? Here are some of my priorities.

  • Emphasize the importance of everyday leadership and education
  • Be a positive, hopeful voice that encourages others to believe in themselves and the impact they can make
  • Celebrate the beauty and power of teachers and young people
  • Create and seek opportunities to bring people together across differences to collaborate and learn from each other
  • Share Gateway Public School’s work as an organization that helps students achieve their dreams, changes lives, and impacts the future of public education
  • Promote learning, listening, reading, and dreaming
  • Promote the values of compassion, connection, generosity, authenticity, curiosity and joy.

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